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    ecoTRANS pH03

    משדר ובקר  pH מבודד

    אפשרות הצגה pH או mV / ORP (Redox voltage).

    2 כניסות: לpH ורגשי טמפרטורה מסוג RTD.

    2 יציאות אנלוגיות מבודדות 0(4)...20 mA / 0(2)...10 V

    מגע יבש מתחלף

    אפשרות הצגת הטמפרטורה הנמדדת

    טיימר מובנה לבקרה על ניקוי ותחזוקת האלקטרודה

    תהליך כיול נח וקל להפעלה מחזית הבקר,ניתן גם לביצוע דרך תוכנה וחיבור למחשב

    התקנה למסילה

    כולל תעודת כיול מהיצרן

    Depending on its configuration, the device measures and controls the pH value or the Redox tension in aqueous solutions.

    Typical applications are the general water and waste water management, the measurement of drinking and waste water, process water, surface and sea water, swimming pool and well water, professional fish-keeping, etc..

    The transmitter is equipped with two analog inputs.

    The first analog input (main input for pH value or Redox tension resp.) is intended to connect single-rod electrodes or electrodes with a separate reference electrode.

    The device is also equipped for the connection of Antimon electrodes.

    RTD temperature probes Pt 100 or Pt 1000 can be connected to the second analog input.

    Up to two analog outputs and one relay change-over contact are available.

    The analog outputs are electrically isolated and assigned to the inputs. The relay contact can either be assigned the main value (pH value or Redox tension) or the temperature.

    The devices are operated and configured by means of the keys and the integrated LC display.

    As an alternative, this can also be comfortably done via the setup connection (notebook / PC) using the optional setup program. The setup program also allows the printout of the configuration data to facilitate machine documentation.

    The devices come with a calibration certificate in which the device and adjustment data is documented




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