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    Company Profile

    Manoraz Ltd. is one of the leading company for importing and distributing of Industrial and control instrumentation in  Israel for 42 years


    Manoraz Ltd. Stock large amounts of instruments and spare parts for measuring, controlling, transmitting, recording and data logging of  Pressure, temperature, flow, level, humidity, RPM, sound level, PH and conductivity meters


    Manoraz Ltd. employee the most professional manpower 9 Sales engineers , 3 Technicians,adminstrators,and staff 


    We supply to the following industry Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceutics, Electronics, Power stations, Foods industries, Plastic, Rubber, Air condition, Textile, Agriculture, Air craft industries, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Water and Waste water, Technical schools, Hospitals, Universities, Laboratories and Military equipment industries 


    Manoraz ltd

    8 Hagavish st.

    P.O.B 1998

    Holon 5881614


    Tel.: +972 3 650 90 90

    Fax.:+972 3 650 90 80

    E-Mail: info@manoraz.com

    Web:   www.manoraz.com


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